How is recipe budget calculated?

To calculate the budget for Gatheredtable recipes, we look at all of the ingredients in a recipe (excluding olive oil, salt & pepper) and sum up the cost per serving based on a database of national grocery store prices.

We calculate recipe budget only for recipes that are in the Gatheredtable library, not recipes in your own personal library.

The number of dollar signs ($ - $$$$) on a recipe indicates the price per serving of that recipe. This scale is the same for main dishes, side dishes & desserts.

The scale for the dollar signs is as follows: 

  • $: Less than $1 per serving
  • $$: $1 - $3 per serving
  • $$$: $3 - $5 per serving
  • $$$$: More than $5 per serving (this is for select recipes with expensive ingredients that we think are worth the occasional splurge - halibut, filet mignon, etc.)


Please note: The price per serving is only an approximate value, actual prices may differ depending on grocery store, geographical location, and season.

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