How do I add recipe ingredients to my Peapod cart?

The items placed in your Peapod shopping cart are based on recipe ingredients from your current Gatheredtable weekly menu.
After you have linked your account with Peapod, there are a few steps you'll take each week to add recipe ingredients to your Peapod shopping cart:
  1. Edit your menu to finalize your plan for the week (add, delete, or move recipes).
  2. View your grocery list to mark what you already have in your pantry (we'll remember this for the future!) or check off items you happen to have on hand this week.
  3. Change any items to "Store" that you'd rather not have delivered by Peapod.
  4. Once you're ready, click "Submit to Peapod" - this will automatically transfer your whole list to Peapod with just one click!
  5. View your cart on Peapod - Add any additional items you might need, schedule your delivery, pay and submit your final order directly with Peapod.


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