How to create and edit your grocery list

After you finalize your meal plan, let us create a grocery list for you! This feature alone can shave an hour off your meal planning process each week.

From either the Planner or Groceries page, click "Create List" to choose the date range you'll be shopping for, and we'll generate a list based just on the recipes on those days. (From the app, go to the Groceries section and tap "New List.") This way, if you like, you can plan a month ahead in the planner but shop just one week at a time.

Are you using 1/2 bunch of cilantro on Tuesday and another 3 tablespoons on Thursday? We combine the amounts and just list 1 bunch of cilantro. Click the item to see which recipes you'll use it for or to edit the quantity needed.

The coolest part? Every week we'll remember which items you've told us you already have on hand in your pantry.

When you create a new list, you can also choose to include any items you've designated as regular “replenishables” (learn more). 

For items you need to buy, we round up to the typical product/package size (1 bunch of cilantro or 1 loaf of bread). For items in your pantry, we show you exactly how much you need, so that you can make sure you have enough of it on hand.


Create a list:

Showing checked items (including items in your pantry): 

Hiding checked items (click the switch at the top):

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