How to add recipes

Adding recipes to your library is easy and can be a lot of fun! There are several ways to do this from your desktop or mobile browser:

 1. Install and use the web recipe clipper to clip recipes from your favorite food sites and blogs - just drag the button into your bookmarks toolbar, and when you're viewing a recipe you want to add to your library, simply click your "Clip to Gatheredtable" bookmark and then edit any fields as needed.


 2. Copy recipes from other libraries on Gatheredtable - either from the Gatheredtable Featured library of curated, tested recipes we love, or from a friend or featured blogger's library in the Community section. Invite a friend here and you can easily access each other's recipe collections.

Use the search filters to narrow down what you're looking for. Click the + to add the recipe to your library.



3. Enter recipes manually - have a favorite family recipe you love and want to see in rotation on your menus? Simply type in the relevant fields and save it to your library. Switch to copy & paste mode to enter a whole block of text -- we'll separate each ingredient line when you switch back. 


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