How we create your menu

When you sign up, you tell us a bit about what you like to eat. But, to help us make a menu you love, we need to know more!

Update your preferences to tell us more about how you like to cook, eat and shop. This includes your primary diet (paleo? vegan? we’ve got you covered!) and a list of things you might avoid (wheat, dairy, gluten, shellfish, etc.). We'll make sure these don't show up on your menu unless you've added a recipe with that ingredient yourself.

But wait, there's more! Tell us your schedule and we will only give you recipes that fit into the time and days of the week you have available to cook.

Lastly, if you have saved any recipes to your personal recipe library, we'll use some of those each week and combine them with our seasonal, tested favorites to create a menu we think you'll love.

Read more about each of these settings.


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