What makes Gatheredtable different from other meal planning services?

Gatheredtable is the only meal planning service that delivers each customer a weekly menu that is completely personalized, easily modified, and includes an interactive grocery list (plus optional delivery).

Our patent-pending algorithm generates weekly menus that take into account: 

  • Your dietary profile, including both your primary diet as well as any combination of 19 available food avoidances.
  • Your schedule - set which days you have available to cook and how much time you have.
  • Seasonality - we recommend fresh produce in its season to keep your dishes flavorful and your grocery bill down. 
  • Your own favorite recipes -- any recipes you add to your personal library will be automatically incorporated into future menus.

The result is a menu we think you’ll love, full of carefully curated, tested & perfected recipe recommendations, selected just for you.

But wait - there’s more….

  • Easily edit your menu if it's not exactly what you want.
  • Create a grocery list with one click for whichever days you want to cook/shop for - we work behind the scenes to combine all the ingredients you need, adding them up into one easy list organized by aisle. 
  • Your grocery list also keeps track of what you already have in your pantry and any staple items you want to "replenish" regularly.
  • Access your account on the go -  Download the free Gatheredtable app for iOS or Android, or access gatheredtable.com from any mobile browser.
  • Depending where you live, you can sign up with one of our partners to get your weekly groceries delivered too (learn more).
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