How can Gatheredtable help with healthy eating goals?

Michael Pollan, one of our heroes, famously and succinctly sums up “what to eat”: 

 “Real Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.”

Almost any nutritionist will adhere to these same basic principles; to that end, all of the recipes that we curate, test and recommend contain no processed or manufactured ingredients – but feature instead “real food” such as animal proteins, tofu, vegetables (especially seasonal ones), oils, and spices. Cooking these kinds of homemade meals from scratch is an essential element of any sustainable “get healthier” plan or dietary upgrade.  We endorse the "shop the perimeter" method of grocery shopping and eating - sticking to the outer borders of the grocery store, where typically whole, real foods are kept (think more produce, meats, dairy - less boxed, canned, processed foods in the aisles). It doesn't have to be complicated - real food can be cooked simply to highlight an amazing array of flavors and amp up the nutrition factor of any meal! 

Additionally, we offer a few plans for more specialized nutritional needs (learn more). 


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