Do the menus include side dishes?

Yes! Our menus incorporate both “one-pot meals” as well as meals made up of main dishes accompanied by sides. Our algorithm calculates how well your main dish includes carb and veg servings, and only adds side dishes if needed. For example, a pasta main dish likely won't be recommended with any carb sides, but a roast chicken main dish might come with a side of potatoes… unless you’re paleo, or don't eat potatoes… it’s totally customized -- you get the picture.

If you want to pair specific side dishes with your mains (maybe you always want your homemade salsa with your go-to taco recipe), use our "goes with" function. Click the pencil icon to edit a recipe and then use the last box at the bottom to add any dishes in your library as a "recipe that goes well" with this one. You can add as many as you like and we'll always include at least one of these when that recipe appears on your menu!

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