Where do the recipes come from?

We believe there are already SO many great recipes in the world, that rather than inventing new ones, we help our customers most by curating a collection of the best from what’s already available.

Then, we test every recipe: if we wouldn’t make and eat it ourselves, we won’t suggest it to you. In the testing process, sometimes we tweak the recipe. If it passes our testing, we add it to our library, together with our own directions (short and simple steps - no unnecessary words to troll through when you’re in the kitchen trying to make it happen!), and our own photography. We always give attribution to the original source from whom we adapted the recipe, so if you like one you can go to that original source to further expand your own collection.

All of our Gatheredtable recipes use only “real food,” meaning the ingredients are limited to proteins, vegetables, fruits, oils, and spices. We won’t recommend recipes with processed/packaged/branded ingredients - and we think you'll find cooking with real, whole foods actually saves you money and tastes better.

These are our general guidelines:

  • Real food (no processed junk)
  • Fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Relatively easy to make (we’re not trained chefs)
  • High “ROI” (return on investment) – it should taste great relative to the time, effort, and money required to make it… some recipes we recommend on a weekend may take longer or cost a bit more (we’re thinking paella in summer, or braised short ribs with star anise in winter) but we make sure that they're worth it!
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