Editing recipes: optional settings for frequency, season & pairings

Use these features to ensure your favorite recipes show up on your menus as often as you want them, in the time of year you like to cook them, and paired with other recipes you love.

Frequency:  How often you want it to show up on your menus? 

  • special occasion only = will not appear on your weekly menus unless you specifically add this recipe in.

Seasons:   Do you want this recipe year-round or some seasons only?

  • use the multi-select box to choose which season(s) you would like to allow this recipe onto your menus
  • for a year-round recipe, choose all 4 seasons

"Recipes that go well":  What are some favorite side dishes that go with your main dishes?

  • Search for any sides or desserts in your library, and add as many as you want to the list. When this recipe is chosen for your weekly menu, it will show up perfectly paired with at least one of the complementary dishes you set here.
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