How to use "pantry" and "replenishables" for a perfect grocery list

Save even more time finalizing your grocery list each week by setting up your pantry and replenishables:

Pantry – tell us what ingredients you already have on hand and your grocery list will remember next week! Think: cooking oils, spices, canned goods. Maybe you keep the freezer stocked with chicken breasts, or you have a fresh herb garden? When you mark items as in your pantry, they'll show up automatically checked off on your grocery list. You can either enter items on the pantry page or click "add to pantry" on the item when it shows up on your grocery list

Replenishables – tell us which items you want included on your grocery list regardless of your plan (things like drinks, snacks, and breakfast staples). Think: milk, orange juice, eggs, bread, apples, bananas, etc. When you create a grocery list, you can choose whether to include your replenishables or not.


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