What's included in your weekly menu

Every Friday we send you a preview of your weekly menu by email. Click the link in your email or go straight to your account to access your menu and edit to your liking. 

Your weekly menu is customized according to your preferences, so make sure to update those to get your ideal combination of recipes - we factor in the foods you avoid and the time you have available to cook. Our system takes into account how many servings of veggies and carbs are included in your main dish, and it adds side dishes accordingly. Some nights you may have one pot meals with no extra sides to cook, and other nights you might have 2 or 3 side dishes on the menu.

Based on your preferences, we do our best to include recipes from your own library as well as our own tested, seasonal favorites we think you'll love. Of course, you can always edit your menu to perfection! Drag & drop to move a recipe to a different day, click the x to remove a recipe and the to search for one to add. 





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